Latest News - updated 8th November 2003

Here are some pics of the camp and Kansas City!

14th February 2004
Website is moving to a new host so there maybe some downtime.

8th November 2003
Got a new camera a few days ago so will be adding more photos soon.
Also creating a new site design with a lot more content. Watch this space.

19th June 2002
Been having lots of fun climbing up and down trees and hanging out making lots of new friends with the other people that are going to be working here.
Kids are arriving on Sunday night .. glad I have the weekend off to relax before the little brats arrive ;)
I'll post the pictures really really soon (like later tonight if I can get on the computer again!)

14th June 2002
Got here safely on Monday evening... It's hot/humid and there isn't much to do yet as the kids haven't arrived .. they come at the end of next week. Pictures coming soon....

7th June 2002
Going to America on Monday morning for 3 months.
Gonna miss England lots while I'm gone.
I'm working on a summer camp in Kansas City during the summer then touring around America for a while.... Watch this space for updates on where I am and lots of photos of where I've been!

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