Molly, looking forward to getting home an hour or so before her flight!
Byward Tower (Tower of London), with Tower Bridge in the background.
Lisa, about to get coronated in the Wakefield Tower (I think!).
Tower Bridge with the Sun shining on (yes it does get sunny in England!!)
The White Tower (the Tower everyone knows of as the Tower of London!)
Poor horse having to carry that fat man and all that metal!
The White Tower again from the North-East corner.
Anna and Lisa, infront of the Bloody Tower with the Tower Bridge in the background.
Queens House, with a guard guarding on the left near the lamppost
Tower Bridge
Me and Lisa on Tower Bridge
This is me and Lisa crossing Abbey Road, Anna were you drunk?
Take 2, yup I think Anna has been drinking again!
This photo definately proves it! Anna how much did you have ;)
The Natural History Museum

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