The start of our journey down to Texas
Just a nice sunset i saw on the way to Texas
Well believe it or not .. i am in this picture!
The house Cris and Jimmy are building ... we helped a little bit!
Just after the hash ... and some alcohol abuse!
Are they drunk .. or is it just me!
Which one is PMSing
James and Jacque ... they would make a lovely pair
The three best looking blokes from camp!
YAY!!! Mollys Butt!!!
Neither of them have had anything to drink ... honest!
some random thing that looked nice on the side of some building!
hmmm i guess Mike stole my camera while i was taking a piss and took some photos! ... James looks a bit out of it! .. oh and Molly does too
awww how cute!
Molly and Toober dancing ... (wake up Molly!!!)
Cris and Jimmy sprinting around the dance floor .. Molly and Toober stilllll dancing behind them!
Molly and Tim dancing at light speed!!
The local tramp! .. errr ooops i mean James
Molly, leading camp songs

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